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TNW+  Vision 
The vision of TNW+ is to envies a Tanzania where women and girls living with HIV can live free of gender oppression, realizing and claiming our full rights inclusive of sexual, reproductive, legal, social and economic rights.

We are the network of women which leads the efforts in securing and improving the quality of life of women and girls living with HIV through mobilizing, organizing, advocating, mentoring and raising consciousness on the issues that directly affects our lives.

Core Values .
As a part of global network of women living with HIV, TNW+ upholds the core values of ICW global.

  •  Mutual Respect, Honest, Integrity and Confidentiality: As a network of women living with HIV throughout the country, TNW+ is based on the mutual respect, honesty and integrity of its members, as well as on the assurance of confidentiality.
  • Commitment to advocacy: Ensuring that women living with HIV have a voice and meaningful participation in relevant decision and policy-making bodies on issues important to our lives.
  • Accountability: TNW+ and its policies should aim to be for the benefit of all members regardless of culture, age, religion, sexuality, social or economic status/class and race. TNW+ must be accountable to our members for our actions, use of funds, and for fulfilling any of our legal obligations.
  • Self-determination: TNW+ values the transformative power of women living with HIV self-determined lives. Such action is essential to attainment of all of our human rights. We value peer support and mentoring as ways to enable our peers to become more self-determined in their lives.
  • Diversity: inclusive of all irrespective of gender, tribe and race
  • Integrity: Our actions are consistent with our mission. We are honest and transparent in what we do and say, and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.
  • Commitment: We work together effectively to serve the larger community
  •  Excellence: We constantly challenge ourselves to the highest levels of learning and performance to achieve greater impact.

TNW+  Goal.
The overall goal of the TNW+ is to reach out to an increasing number of women living with HIV/ AIDS and their families to benefit from effective program intervention that fulfill their rights and aspiration by 2022.

Standards and Principles of TNW+
TNW+ follows a set of Principles in all its interventions. These principles are aligned with those of many National and international CSOs:

  •  Promote empowerment.
  • Partnership.
  • Gender Equality.
  • Social Transformation.
  • Ensure accountability and promote responsibility.
  • Address Stigma and discrimination.
  • Transformative leadership.
  • Seek sustainable results.

Services Offered and Programme Interventions.

  • To conduct awareness sessions and information dissemination with the aim to increase awareness of WLHIV and their rights.
  • To provide legal aid services to WLHIV and other marginalized members of the community.
  • To train grassroots community stakeholders on designing and implementing community owned HIV prevention response.
  • To link WHIV with clusters and or organizations addressing issues of PLHIV.
  • To mainstream and address HIV and AIDS gender related drivers in social and development projects including GBV.
  • Promote testing for HIV and create linkage and networks in order to get easy access of treatment and create psychosocial support groups
  • Advocate for change of law and or restrictive policies in order for the government to uphold the rights of people living with HIV, Sexual Reproductive rights, maternal health rights to women and, adolescents.
  • To train community on sexual reproductive health and rights and campaign on safe motherhood, early marriages and pregnancies including use of condom.
  • To create awareness on women’s maternal health challenges in order to reduce maternal mortality rate, advocate for right of couple to decide when to have children.
  • To advocate for systemic changes in provision of maternal health care which include training of health workers, better facilities, access to adequate health care, prevention and or elimination of transmissions of HIV to infants, non-violation of women’s reproductive health.
  • To Design, print and disseminate information on maternal and child health care services, behavior change and deliver key messages focusing on the practiced risk behaviors that need to be changed in the respective communities.
  • Involve and effectively participate in social and economic advocacy works that aims at improving life of the marginalized and vulnerable communities.
  • Conduct policy dialogues on various issues on social and economic development of the people.
  • Conduct research, baseline studies and Monitoring and Evaluation for other civil societies to provide objective view and enhance their program responses.
  •  Document and disseminate best practices from all programs and activities implemented.

TNW+ Achievements. 
Since its establishment, TNW+ has recorded a number of achievements which worth to be known as follows:

  • TNW+ received funds from the round 8 of the Global Fund which assisted in reaching 11,000 secondary school Youth and out of school Youth in seven districts of Shinyanga – Rural and Urban, Tabora – Municipal, Sikonge, Uramb, Nzega, Simiyu – Maswa training them on sexual and reproductive health, behavior change and life skills.
  • TNW+ has collaborated with Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon (PRRR), UNAIDS and Tanzania Health Promotion Services (THPS) since 2014 in promoting screening of breast and cervical cancer in 10 regions of Tanzania mainland for 6,000 HIV+ women and 1,000 women with HIV and unknown status.
  • Together with Deloitte and Touche, TNW+ implemented an awareness raising project on proper use of ARV drugs among 450 PLWHIV, TOTs and 2,500 individuals. It also assisted in the promotion of ARV use in Mkuranga, Bagamoyo and Kisarawe Districts.
  • TNW+ did help in building capacities of key and vulnerable populations with respect to Men having sex with men, female sex workers and drug users to align themselves with government regulations focusing on health and reproductive approaches in accessing health services.
  • TNW+ has effectively participated to review CCM governance manual and advocate for KP seats,and therefore the Tanzania Key affected populations are now full member of TNCM (CCM) with one seat.
  • TNW+ is a member of the Non State Actors, a platform of civil society organization that pursues dialogue with TNCM in Tanzania on HIV, TB and Malaria.
  • TNW+ has strong relationship with other PLHIV networks and CSOs working in HIV and health in Tanzania Mainland through the Non State Actors (NSA) and National Steering Committee (NSC).
  • TNW+ has a strong networking relationship with TACAIDS and has contributed three out of four commissioners to TACAIDS.
  • The organization has also contributed a PLHIV member in the Tanzania National Coordinating Mechanism (TNCM).
  • TNW+ has strong relationships with UNAIDS, ILO, UNFPA, ARASA, AVAC, EANNASO, ICWEA, GNP+, ITPC  Global and International AIDS Society (IAS).  

TNW+  Leadership 
At the top of the organizational structure of TNW+ is the general assembly which determines the strategic direction of the organization. The general assembly then elects the organization’s board members who in-turn appoints the Executive Director (ED). The ED then is entrusted to hire staff at the secretariat through a competitive selection process. TNW+ has a total number of four staff at its secretariat.


Tabata Adjacent to Saint Marys Teachers College
P.O. Box 77704,  
Dar es Salaam.


Phone: +255 22 2184595
              +255 745 761 905