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Tanzania Network of Women Living with HIV and AIDS (TNW+) is a membership network established and run by HIV positive women from 4 NGOs and 19 CBOs. It is made of a strong membership of 55 WLHIV support groups reaching 1500 members in 12 districts of Tanzania Mainland. It was registered in May, 2006 as a Non-Governmental Organization with a registration S.O.NO.13146 as a first network of HIV positive women in Tanzania.

TNW+ is a member of local and international forums including International Community of Women Living with HIV East Africa, Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+). In Tanzania TNW+ is a member of the Non State Actors, a platform of civil society organization that pursues dialogue with TNCM in Tanzania on HIV, TB and Malaria response.

TNW+ plays a big role in helping HIV+ women on advocacy, capacity building, resources mobilization, treatment literacy, economic empowerment, HIV prevention and counseling to women and girls. TNW+ works in collaboration with the government through Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS). It collaborates closely with PLHIV networks including NACOPHA, local and international organization to respond to the challenge of HIV epidemic.
TNW+ implement community interventions in Treatment Care and Support, Rights Related Barriers to HIV, Adolescent Youth, Key Populations with respect to FSW and MSM and some aspects of prevention for general population.

TNW+ is one of the pioneer nationwide network of women and girls living with HIV and AIDS in Tanzania. The organization provides voice on the local and national stage for women’s issues related to HIV, TB and Human rights. The Network is also the focal institute of Women living with HIV in East and Southern part of Africa through International community of Women living with HIV. The network seeks to increase awareness and understanding of women living with and at risk of HIV and sexual minority.

TNW+ is contributing to an AIDS-free Generation through a comprehensive HIV programs that are targeting women of all diversity. The program includes prevention, care, and treatment, capacity building for women supporting groups, leadership, advocacy on policy review and changes, trainings and outreach programs. TNW+ believes that It is the responsibility of every one of us, individually and collectively, to prevent new HIV infections. We therefore appeal to the country as whole to ensure that the next generation is free from HIV, through prevention measures, regular testing and treatment in the case of infection to eliminate mother to child transmission, eliminate all forms of stigma and discrimination, supporting and care to people living with HIV.

Furthermore, TNW+ strives to empower its members to be leaders in their own lives and communities.


Tabata Adjacent to Saint Marys Teachers College
P.O. Box 77704,  
Dar es Salaam.


Phone: +255 22 2184595
              +255 745 761 905