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Currently TNW+ implements the following project:

Jali Afya Project

Implementation of this current project uses lessons learned from the previous one. The project started in June 2017 and will end September 2019. THPS collaborates with Tanzania Network of Women Living with HIV and AIDS TNW+ conduct demand creation among WLHIV and low income women and for CECAP prevention screening and treatment in Geita, Njombe, Tanga,  and Songwe regions using existing health and community systems within the local government authorities (LGA) to ensure sustainable services after the end of the project.

Enhance knowledge level around Differentiated Service Delivery and demand creation on Routine viral load testing for PWIUD and PLHIV.

TNW+ in collaboration with TANPUD after experience vulnerability of its members who are using and injecting drugs and living with HIV. People living with HIV are facing difficult in monitoring their treatment due to very few viral load testing machines that are available in the country. At the same time people who inject and using drugs are facing challenges in accessing friendly HIV treatment at government health facilities due to the altitude of health workers and stigma associated with drug use. TNW+ and TANPUD jointly, will address the challenges and ensure that PLHIV and PWIUD have opportunity to access friendly services at their locality or place of their choice.

COMPASS Africa project 

The Coalition to build Momentum, Power, Activism, Strategy & Solidarity in Africa – is an investment in an innovative, savvy, data-informed and audacious North-South coalition.
This Project build on a highly-successful, pre-existing ad-hoc coalition of organizations based in sub-Saharan Africa with specific deep-dive investments and innovations in Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe across four key cross-cutting areas:
● Building power and influence via Africa-focused civil society coalitions
● Using data, information and analytics to advocate for truly comprehensive, effective programs that lead to epidemic control.
● Defining issues and ambitious change agendas: Differentiated service delivery, combination prevention, human resources for health, SRHR, key populations and more
● Strategic innovation: Advancing ambitious advocacy agendas via “business unusual” 


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