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“My name is miram msemwa I was born in 1982 at muheza district Tanga. I started my primary education on 1989 at Muheza District. On 1995 I completed my primary education with a fair pass mark. My parents couldn’t afford to pay school fees at private secondary school due to their level of finance because they were depending on small cultivation. On 1997 my family was received dowry from a 35 years’ guy for the purpose of my marriage, two weeks after I contact my aunt who is living in Dar es salaam and I told her all about what my parents planned to me, She was confused with my parents' decision, so we developed the escaping plan and three days later I left Muheza to my aunt in Dar es salaam. It was my first time to travel long distance it takes the whole day for my travel from Muheza to Dar es salaam where I met my aunt at Kisutu bus terminal. Life in Dar es salaam was very different from where I came from people are too busy and streets was full of beautiful building. After one week of my arrival my aunt told me that it will be difficult to stay in Dar es salaam without working so she told me that she got a good job for me, I was shocked because I have never worked before, I couldn’t have a choice though my concern was cotinue studying, so immediately I started working as a house keeper in Kinondoni 20 km from where my aunt is located. My boss was a good person he was very humble and care taker that on 1997 he change my role as a house keeper to seller of his spare parts shop at city center. I have loved this job and from this job I started to contact my parents in Muheza and at least I was capable to help them in some of expenses. During working at the shop there a guy who was so humble who was my loyal customer he always came to my shop for purchasing spare part for his vehicle, on 1998 the guy start to approach me, and 1999 I lost my virginity to him as my first man in my life, I dated this truck driver for 2 years though our relation was with challenges because I was too jealous to him and I was think the guy was womanizer. On 2002 we broke up with my partner and during that time I was ready independent that, I rent a room at Ilala. On 2004 I recognized that I have picked up a stubborn cholera that has kicked me off work for 2-3 weeks, followed by severe headache and loss of weight, I was shocked of what I experience in my body, when the situation got serious I decided to go for medical checkup at Amana hospital. I passed through many diagnosis and always the result was that same that nothing is wrong with my health except normal disease. The interesting and shocking thing is that after having medication I just got relief and after a short while I started suffering as usually. Three month after suffering a lot my boss gives me a leave because I was on off and he declare he is business man, I was no other option than accepting to leave my entire job though I was aware that my boss was shy to told me that I was fired, he pays me well. One day one of my closer friend told to try to check if I’m HIV positive, for the first time this was the time I started think and worry about my life and my future it was not easy for him to convince me to undertake HIV test, but due to the situation I have that time I decided to go for HIV screening at VCT which is located 50 km from where I’m living because I didn’t want anyone to know my issue.
I was accompanied with my fellow friend who advise me to undergo HIV test. At the hospital I didn’t know where to start but my fellow friend help me to recognize the VCT, it was a very good place and cool and everybody around was cool no one is talking to anybody, I took my sit after completing my registration then it was my turn next to the doctor desk. the doctor asked if I think I had ever been exposed to HIV? No. I'm in my first and last sexual relationship, we were using protection and when we decided to stop, I was STI free and he assured me he was too. The first test is "indeterminate" and we decide to re-run the test. A week later I ring the doctor and she tells me I should come in right away.
The doctor looks at my eye confidently I didn’t expect bad result my mind told me that you are not sick as usually reference from previous diagnosis, I was cool when the doctor talking to me she told me about how to receive my result whether positive or negative, she also told me about living positive if I will be positive she ended up by told me One life-changing sentence: "I don't know how to tell you this, but the test has come back positive." I go into shock. I can't think of any of this I just think of dying only. I said “I am going to die!”. The doctor told me that I will be ok from that I wasn’t understanding anything I just asked myself “How could this have happened? I just grab the phone, call and tell my ex-partner what has happened. He is floored and doesn't know what to say and hang up the phone forever. The doctor cools me down and asked if there anyone I think I can share my status with I choose to share with my fellow friend who ascot me because it seems that at least he care about me and he also have some knowledge about HIV/AIDS.
Two years later, and my life and attitude is very different. Yes, I had some bad times, struggling to get my head around HIV status I grieved for my old life and self. I felt guilt, anger, and that I had been cheated with my ex-partner. What did the future hold for me? Who would want me now that I was HIV-positive?” those are some questions grieve around my head without any specific answers
While I am not yet on treatment due to my level of my DNA counts I has a very good communication with the VCT doctor, one day she connects me with one guy who is community health advocacy that will help me on understanding a good way of living positive, drug adherence, how to connect with my fellow PLHIV support groups for personal assistance and day to day follow up to make sure that I understand the situation I’m passing through because I was thought that one day my immune system might become too weak to fight the virus, sometimes I feels like a weight hanging over me. But I've found strength and, using the support offered by the CHA and I started to regained my self-confidence and self-worth that tend to have a self-stigma
As the work of my doctor and my CHA, I now know I am not going to die or sick I was referred for ART services at my near hospital, I now adhere ART services I’m pretty good health. I am stronger, more confident and have a new zest for life. I have changed a lot my attitude toward positive living is changing each and every day, now I started working as peer volunteer in Tanzania Network of Women Living with HIV/AIDS; This has helped me deal with being HIV-positive, and given me a way to give something back and to help others who are passing through my experience”. 

Miram Msemwa.

Ninaitwa mwanaidi kibopile mimi ni mwanamke mwenye umri wa mika 45 ninaeishi na virusi vya ukimwi lakini pia ni mjane wa marehemu Julius Kibopile alieniachia watoto watatu wawili wa kiume nammoja wa kike.Kwa sasa ninaishi katika kata ya Kivule mtaa wa kivule katika wilya ya ilalal jhijini dar es salaam.
Maisha yangu baada ya kuondokewa na mume wangu mika mitatu iliopita yameabadilika na kuwa magumu sana hasa ukizingatia kuwa yeye ndo alikuwa kila kitu katika maisha ya familia yetu.Nimejaribu njia mbalimbali za kuwezq kujikwamua kutoka hali ya ufukara niliyo nayo lakini kuishi na virusi vya ukimwi imekuwa kikwazo kikubwa hasa kupitia unyanyapaaa na ubaguzi naokutana nao kutoka katika jamii inayonizunguka.
Nimekuwa nikipambana sana na maisha ili kuweza kukidhui kipato cha familia yangu lakini nashindwa kutokana na hali yangu ya kuishi na virusi vya ukimwi kuna wakati inabidi nikae nyumbani hali yangu ya kiafya inapobadilika mpaka napopata nafuu changamoto za kipato zinazonikabili zianapelekea hadi ufuasi wangu wa dawa kuathirika kwani nauli ya kwenda kituo cha afya kuna wakati inakosea hivyo kupelekea ama kuchelewa au kupitisha siku za kwenda kuchukua dawa.
Wakati haya yanatokea upande wangu huku nikiwa na mzigo mzito wa familia kunitegemea siku moja jirani yangu aliniambiua serikali imeanzisha mpango wa kuzisaidia kaya maskini. Baada ya kupata taarifa hizi nilienda ofisi ya serikali ya mtaa ili kupata taarifa kuhusu vigezo vya kuweza kuingizwa katika mpango huu wa serikali kusaidia kaya maskini. Baada ya kufika ofisi ya serikali ya mtaa nilipewa vigezo vya kuweza kuingizwa katika mpango huu wa kaya maskini na baadhi ya vigezo ilikuwa ni kutokuwa na choo, kuwa na mlo chini ya mmoja kwa siku n.k baada ya kupata vigezo hivyo nilipewa fomu na kujaza nikaambiwa nisubiri watathmini watapita kujiridhisha .Nilirudi nikiwa na matumaini nmakubwa sana hasa ukizingatia kuwa hali yangu ya kiuchumi ilikuwa mbaya sana .
Baada ya miezi miwili kupita watathimini walipita nyumbani kwangu kufanaya tathimini laikini walipopita walisema fomu yangu ilikuwa imesahaulika ofisini ,kwakweli niliumia sana lakini sikuwa na jinsi yoyote ya kufanya Zaidi kukubaliana na watathmini walioongozana na mjumbe wa serikali mtaa.
Baada ya wiki mbili kupita nilisikia kuwa watathimini wamepita mtaa wa tatu kutoka napoishi na niliposubiria wapiti nyumbani kwangu hawakuweza kufika, kesho yake nilienda ofisi ya serikali ya mtaa na kuuliza ni kwa nini watathimini hawakuja kwangu, mjumbe wa serikali ya mtaa aliekuwa anaambatabna na watathimini aliniambia kuwa fomu yangu imepotea na siwez kupewa fomu nyingine kwa sababu nafasi zimeshajaa kwa hiyo nisubiri mwka unaofuata, kwa mara ya kwnza toka nimeanza kupambana na maisha nilihisi kukata tamaa sikujua njia ya kutokea au ntagfaya nini ili kuitunza familia yangu na watoto wangu nilirudi nyumbani huku nikiwa sina tumaini na machozi yakinibubujika.
Siku moja nikiwa katika katika mkutano wa kawaida wa kikundi chetu cha kina mama wanaoishi na virusi vya ukimwi WANAHARAKATI GROUPalikuja kijana mmoja ambapo alijitambulisha yeye ni maja anatokea katika shirika lisilo la kiserikali linaloitwa na TACEF na alikuja kuonana na sisi ili kuweza kuongea mambo machache kuhus kikundi chetu , ufuasi wa dawa, ujasiriamali, pia aliongea na sisi kuhusu uhusiano wa HIV na TB na kuhusu mambo ya haki za binadamu ambapo nilipata hamasa na kumuomba kujua kama anaweza kushughulikia swala langu la kukataliwa kuingizwa katika mpango wa seruikali kusaidia kaya maskiniTASAF. Maja alikubali na kuahidi atakuja nyum,bani kwangu ili kuona jinsi ya kunisaidia.
Mnamo tarehe 22/03/2016 MAJA alifika nyumbani kwangu ambapo alipata taarifa kutoka kwangu na majirani zangu kuhusu hali yangu na baada ya kuapata taarifa aliniaga na kuondoka akisema naenda ofisi ya serikali ya mtaaa ili kupata taarifa ya ni ni kimetokea mpaka sikuungwa katika mpango wa serikali wa kusaidia kaya maskini.
Mnamo tarehe 11/06/2007 MAJA alirudi tena nyumbani kwangu lakini safari hii alikuja na mama maendeleo wa mtaa Bi. GRACE MGUTA na kuongea na mimi na kuahidi kweli kuna makossa yalitokea wakati wa tathimini na katika kupata taarifa aligundua mjumbe aliepawa kuwaonyesha watathimini nyumbani kwangu hakuwaleta kwa sababu zake binafsi hivyo aliniambia kesho yake niende ofis ya serikali ya mtaa ili taarifa zangu zichukuliwe na kuingizwa katika mpango ujao.
Baada ya miezi mitano baada ya taarifa zangu kuchukuliwa nilipigiwa simu na Bi.GRACE MGUTA na kuambiwa jina langu limetoka na wakati wa malipo mimi nitakuwa mmoja kati ya watu watakao faidika na mpango wa kusaidia kaya maskini.Nilishukuru sana na tumaini langu la kupata nafuu ya maisha likarudi napenda kumshukuru MAJA kwa kuibua swala langu na leo hii mimi ni mfaidika wa huduma za MAJA zilizopelekea kubadilisha maisha yangu kwa sasa nimeteuliwa kuwa mjumbe katika kamati ya ukimwi ya mtaa na ninaona nuru baada ya maja kunitembelea. 

Mwanaidi Kibopile.

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